Ginna’s Philosophy:

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened”. -Hafiz

Ginna has a profound trust in the healing potential of human beings. She believes we are always striving towards wholeness. In a counseling relationship, first of all, she brings herself; a loving, compassionate person who welcomes dealing with the truth of people’s lives. The foundation of her counseling work is mindfulness. This is paying attention without judgment, to our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations as they arise, discovering our truth and developing strategies that enable us to thrive in any environment.

After establishing herself as a competent counselor and social worker in the community, Ginna founded Temanos Counseling Center in Sandpoint, Idaho in 2001.  Her business has been built upon the foundation of her beliefs, ethics, and experiences as a therapist and advocate of healthy minds and spirits.

Ginna is available for speaking engagements and workshops on the topics of; death & dying in America, stress reduction, and using mindful awareness for a variety of issues including; traumas, our relationship to food, weight, & body image, as the doorway to transformation, reconnecting body, mind and spirit.



  • Natural Therapeutic Practitioner, LMT., New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics

  • Bachelor of Science, Community Health Education, Eastern Washington University

  • Masters Social Work, Eastern Washington University

  • Continuing Education: Metta Institute Graduate – End-of-Life Practitioner Program

  • 25 years of training & experience with death, dying and grief issues

  • Mindful Awareness

  • EMDR, Level 1 & 11

  • Extensive training in child and adult trauma

  • License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Idaho LCSW 24438